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Who are Rathore Rajputs: Rathore Rajput or Rathod Rajput is a Rajput tribe residing in the North part of India. They are considered as Suryavanshi Rajputs. They traditionally ruled in Marwar, northwestern of Rajasthan.

The original male Rathore of Rathodo of Rajasthan is considered as Rao Siha Ji who started the shift from Pali, his umbrella remains in Bitu village of Pali district, due to Rathore Rajputa, he is called Ranbanka Rathod, also known as Ranbanka Rathod, because of his untimely bravery in the war. In East India, Rathore alone had more than ten Riyasatas and hundreds of temples were located in main Jodhpur, Marwar, Kishangarh, Bikaner, Eyder, Kushalgarh, Sailana, Jhabua, Sitamu, Ratlam, Manda, Alirajpur the former Riasato in Merta, Marot and Gorwar Ganerav were chief.

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