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About Shekhawat Rajput: Shekhawat Rajput ruled over the Shekhawati area for more than five thousand years. Shekhawat Rajput is one of the most prominent among all the sub-clans of the Kachhwa dynasty of Jaipur. A famous historian had written in his book fall of the Mughal Empire that Shekhawat was the eldest of the sub-clans of the Kachhwa dynasty of Jaipur.

Shekhawat's Gotra: Shekhawat brides website is providing some important details of the Shekhawat clan. The tribe is a descent system after which in Hinduism, the tribes emerged mainly from seven or eight sages. There is a difference between the Vanshu, the total, the tribe and the tribe. Shekhawat Rajput is a clan but not a clan, the tribe of Shekhawat clan is human (manu). Whenever a religious ritual is done, it is also asked by the priest; during the time of marriage or in any of the special puja ceremony.

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